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Track & signals.
Last updated July 2017

Pulborough lives!

Pulborough has at last come out of hibernation, after eight years in storage. The layout has been completely refurbished scenically, and has been partly rewired, with more work still to be done. It was exhibited at the Bluebell MRS at the end of June, and after a slightly hesitant start on Saturday morning ran reasonably well, much improved by Sunday. The layout will appear again at Scaleforum in 2019, and is available for other exhibitions.

I have started posting pictures of the refurbished Pulborough from the Bluebell show, and will post more as time permits.

I have also taken the decision to remove AJ’s from my stock, and replace them with 3-link and screw-link couplings - largely at the behest of my fellow operators. There is more information here.

Martin Nield has recently published a book entitled ‘Authentic Model Railway Operation. It’s well worth reading (£13.95, 60pp, from Wild Swan Publications) and I’m happy to say that it contains a few photos of Plumpton Green

The Brighton Circle e-group has recently started producing a twice-yearly digital ‘Modellers’ Digest’ which contains articles of particular interest to modellers of the LBSC of all scales and eras, and potentially other pre-group modellers. The latest edition of the Digest can be found here.


This website contains details of my current layout ‘Plumpton Green’ together with the Mid-Sussex Group’s layouts, plus photos and descriptions of various techniques I have used over the years. The layouts and models here are all built to Protofour standards (4mm:ft). Pulborough and Plumpton Green are both available for exhibition.

All of the photos and drawings should open a larger version in a new window if you click on them.

I hope you enjoy the site, and find it useful. If you wish to use any of the site content, please ask. If you would like to contact me, please email.

Barry Luck

July 2017
Photos of Pulborugh at the Bluebell MRS added

January 2017
Ground signals
Running signals
Level crossing gates
I3 Atlantic tank

September 2016
Some recent photos of Plumpton Green added.

August 2016
Progress on locos
Progress on Plumpton Green

March 2016
More progress on Plumpton Green

November 2015
A little progress on the layout.
Revised block bells, and new block instruments

March 2015
Block bells and the backscene

November 2014
Some photos from Uckfield MRC added.

October 2014
A new page on locos

June 2014
S4AGM and the Bluebell MRS...

May 2014
Plumpton Green nears completion

March 2014
Just a few more words on Plumpton Green

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