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D3 0-4-4 Passenger Tank
No 373 ex ‘Billingshurst’
Last updated November 2019

These two D3 tank engines are identical in design, both fully compensated with Portescap motor/gearbox combination.
D3 no 365 ‘Victoria’ is in the pre-1905 Stroudley Improved Engine Green livery
D3 no 373 (ex ‘Billingshurst) is in the post-1905 Marsh umber livery

'D3' no 373 was built in 1892, as part of the second batch of D3’s, destined to replace the Stroudley D1’s which were proving themselves under-powered for longer heavier trains. The class, originally known as ‘D-Bogie’, eventually totalled 36, and were generally used for lightly loaded cross-country and secondary mainline duties.

No 373 was shedded at New Cross in 1896, moving to Brighton by 1921. It was withdrawn in 1948. It was one of only a few fitted with vacuum brakes as well as Westinghouse, as seen in the photo (right) with the additional pipe work immediately behind the dome.

My model, originally built in 1983, has just (2016) received a complete repaint, stripped to bare metal before applying new paint and hand-made transfers. I finished it using the new Humbrol water-based satin varnish, and I’m not particularly happy with the result - instead of drying clear as promised it has dried slightly cloudy in parts.

The end result is that the livery looks rather old and tired (photo left) - if I’d tried to do this deliberately, I probably wouldn’t have been too unhappy with the results, but it’s not the finish I want. I wrote to Humbrol for an explanation, and was advised to re-spray it with their clear gloss varnish. I have done this, and it has fixed the problem of the cloudy appearance, but it’s now a little too bright for my liking (photo right). I might have another attempt, mixing Humbrol’s clear and satin varnishes 50/50.