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Last updated January 2017
The following pages contain photographs, and descriptions of a selection of engines that I have built for West Chiltington, Pulborough, Brighton Road, and Plumpton Green:

A1X 0-6-0T - No 678 - Terrier ex ‘Knowle’ - scratchbuilt
A1 2-4-0T - No 82 - Terrier ‘Boxhill’ - white metal kit and scratchbuilt chassis - added August 2016
• A1 0-6-0T - No 655 ‘Stepney’
B4 4-4-0 - No 64 - express passenger ‘Norfolk’ - scratchbuilt
C2 0-6-0 - No 522 - heavy goods - scratchbuilt
522 has recently been rebuilt with a conventional motor in the firebox, rather than the original tender drive. Here are a few pictures, including a couple of shots of the very excellent 'Bachrus' rolling road system.
D2 0-4-2 - ‘Como’ - scratchbuilt
D3 0-4-4T - No 365 - passenger tank ‘Victoria’ - scratchbuilt
This is my favourite loco of all the ones I've built. It runs well, and has been beautifully painted - not by me I should add.
D3 4-4-0T - No 373 (ex ‘Billingshurst’) - added August 2016
E1 0-6-0T - No 109 - goods ‘Strasbourg’ - scratchbuilt
This is one of a series of E1's and D1's that I have made (six in all) showing the various phases of development, from Stroudley's original (as shown here) to the final Billinton version. Strasbourg is shown here in its original condition, with small dome, copper-capped chimney, condensing gear, and wooden brake shoes, and of course the cast number plate.
E3 0-6-0T - No 165 - ‘small radial’ goods ex ‘Blatchington’ - scratchbuilt
This is the first loco I finished, and has undergone a number of rebuilds, culminating in a complete strip-down and replacement of the axle bearings and horn-guides, after about 35 years of sound service.
Two ‘pre-owned’ white-metal bodies, refurbished and with scratchbuilt chassis
E5 0-6-2T- ‘Lordington’ - added August 2016
E6 0-6-2T - ‘Chilgrove’ - added August 2016
G 2-2-2 Single - ‘Sutherland’ - part kit/part scratchbuild (because the kit was so awful)
Recently converted from tender drive to direct drive with a weighted tender hanging off the draw-bar.
I3 4-4-2T - No 22
Manning-Wardle 0-4-0ST- small industrial - scratchbuilt
This is a loco that I built about 35 years ago, for the intended sand quarry on West Chiltington, which never got built. It was subsequently used as a brewery loco on Brighton Road, and is now the brickworks engine on Plumpton Green.  
Neilson 12” 0-4-0ST - small industrial, a spare for the brickworks - High Level Models kit - added August 2016
Black Hawthorn 0-4-0ST - another High Level Models kit - added August 2017

I’ll add some more pages as time permits.

Other locos not yet featured are:
• C and C1 0-6-0 goods locos - Mike Waldron kits under construction
• D1 0-4-2T - ‘Bonchurch’, ‘Rottingdean’, ‘Patcham’ and ‘Stanmer’
• E1 0-6-0T - ‘Geneva’, ‘Calvados’ and ‘Foligno’
• High Level Models Hawthorn Leslie 14” 0-4-0ST